Get back into shape
after giving birth

The first few weeks following birth is a steep learning curve where you probably have little time to exercise. However this varies from new mum to new mum and the spectrum is very wide. Some women return to class from the first few days after birth and then there are those who can only get back once their babies are 6 months old. You will know when you are ready so please join our class when ever this time comes.

Tummy and pelvic floor muscle need restoring to their former strength and much time is spent trying to achieve this. Core stability is regaining strength of the muscles that support your spine and this includes having powerful legs. Just think of how much time is spent in the forward bend positions ,how much carrying and lifting there is in you daily routine. There is much that can be done in the form of movement and exercise to ensure safe lifting and be able to preserve a healthy spine.

The mother and baby routine forms a small part of the program for the benefit of both mother and baby. Most are done in the “tummy time” position where baby develops head control and learns to be comfortable on their tummies. Confident handling of baby is a spin off benefit of this class, where mums begin to get a clearer picture of their baby’s physical ability and then can build on this.

Should your baby be unsettled during the class please know that every other baby is likely to do the same and it is fine to stop, taking a few minutes out of the one hour class to feed or settle the baby. Babies lie on the mats next to you or together in the centre of the room, gazing at each other. Bring prams or capsules if you wish and we have been bags as well.

Aims of the Mother + Baby Exercise class

Exercising without baby

Evening core stability sessions can be attended without baby should you wish to leave baby at home. See timetable opposite.

What to wear/bring

  • Comfortable stretch clothing
  • No special shoes needed
  • Small towel for the mat
  • Drink bottle

We supply

  • Mats, balls, therabands
  • Bean bags for baby
  • Changing rooms available

“It is good to be able to work hard again on my tummy muscles, I felt they had just gone to jelly after the birth. I never realised how stiff my back had become. I guess it may have something to do with the long breast feeding sessions. The class was great as we do lots of stretching as well as the tummy strengthening.”Leissa
with baby Leilah 5 weeks