Keeping strong and supple

The wealth of knowledge from decades of experience in running Pregnancy Exercise Classes is gold, and is passed on in class. Teaching what effect pregnancy has on the muscular skeletal system, her methods are tried and true. “I know what exercises are safe, which to avoid, how to strengthen the muscular skeletal system in an ever growing, ever changing body and how to counter natures softening preparation of the joints of the pelvis for birth. My exercises will keep you strong for the whole 9 months.”

Exercising right up till 40 weeks gives a great start for those early few weeks when you and baby are getting to know each other and there is little time for anything else.

Active birth needs strength and flexibility and using specific movements for first stage labour. Jane’s Pregnancy exercise program prepares you for this. Pregnancy heralds the start of a new life for you and her Pregnancy Exercise class is designed to help you adapt safely, to stretch and tone your ever changing body.

Aims of the Pregnancy Exercise class

Pregnancy Aquarobics

Pregnancy Acqua are on Monday evenings at 6.00pm at the Wolper Hospital Woollahra. Booking essential

Easter Break 2017

Apologies for all disruption but – other than the pregnancy class, see below, there will be no classes from the 5th of April 2017 resuming on the 10th May 2017.

Pregnancy Class will only be on the Saturday the 22nd April and as well on the 6th of May and all back to normal for the daytime pregnancy class at 12.30 on Wednesday 10th May 2017.

Please note no pregnancy classes on the Wednesdays 12.30 after the last one today on the 5th April and then the next Wednesday back on the 10th May. 2017

My 2 year old daughter is the reason for my trip to the USA as are my other 2 grandchildren in New York.

I will be back on the 10th of May, keen to resume all the wonderful class time we share not to mention the fitness we are targeting.

“Being my first pregnancy I had no idea what to expect when I joined the class. Now at 38 weeks, after attending the exercise class for the past 4 months, I feel strong and comfortable, having learned what to do when I get back pain. As well I have actually learned where my pelvic floor is and how all the exercise contribute to better bladder control.”
Natalie 38 weeks