Classes all back to normal on my return so looking forward to seeing you Wednesdays at 12.30 or Saturdays at 9.30am

pregnancy exercise: keeping strong and supple for the most important nine months of your life
photographs of pregnant women exercising

Physical fitness adds a quality to life that is especially relevant in pregnancy. Early in the nine months you may feel intensely fatigued, then as baby grows common aches and pains may present and then there is the weight of a full term baby to carry. Regardless of what is your level of fitness, within reason, you can improve it in pregnancy to be able to have that joyous nine months that waiting for baby can be.

Our pregnancy exercise class is a stretch/tone program designed to maintain core strength, flexibility of the spine and to give a clear picture of what pelvic floor control means. Exercising to the day the baby is born gives a great start for those early few weeks when you and baby are getting to know each other and there is little time for anything else.

Giving birth is called labour for a reason. Being active and up and about for most of it gives you that sense of independence and the ability to choose what ever position feels right for you. Strong tummy muscles make a great difference when it comes to pushing baby out.

Whilst we advocate exercise to be fit in pregnancy, there are some circumstances where you need specialized help with which exercise you can or cannot do. This is where our experience comes in. You will receive personalized attention as we adapt the program to suit your special, needs.

Second time mums need these levels of fitness and body awareness perhaps more than first time mums.Toddlers are welcome after first discussing with the physiotherapists the possibility of bringing them with.

Aims of the Pregnancy Exercise class


“Being my first pregnancy I had no idea what to expect when I joined the class. Now at 38 weeks, after attending the exercise class for the past 4 months, I feel strong and comfortable, having learned what to do when I get back pain. As well I have actually learned where my pelvic floor is and how all the exercise contribute to better bladder control.”
Natalie 38 weeks

“This is my third pregnancy and I just was not able to make it to class with my second. Now with my third and having exercised twice a week with Jane, I notice how strong my back and legs are and I have more control of my tummy muscles. This has been invaluable with all the lifting I have with the other two kids. I am more concerned about bladder control this time round and have found the core stability exercises make a huge difference.”
Stephanie 33 weeks