I Have No Time For Exercise

Why do we all seem to think like this? We have any amount of time to spend maintaining our homes and cars, busily cleaning and keeping our material stuff looking clean and well cared for. This leaves little or no time for exercise I hear you say.

Heaven forbid your neighbour will see that speck of dust, that messy backyard. So for the sake of your fitness, ditch the housework, let the lizards play in your chaotic back yard. Every moment of physical activity counts. So if you genuinely are time poor, adopt the same “boring jargon” – walk the escalator, take the stairs, catch the bus. All of this counts towards lifting your metabolic rate, conditioning muscles and raising energy levels. Regular exercise becomes addictive in the sense that you become “antsy” if you don’t do something physical. Your body will tell you. Like everything we need to tune to our bodies, they are our finest teachers. When you have done some exercise “wallow in the feeling” – it is such a sense of achievement.

Core stability work is the “power-house ” or base line for cardio vascular training. But we need both. Walking and swimming for sustained periods of time – ideally 40 minutes non- stop, is the easiest and most accessible cardio exercise.

Core stability training is doing a class or choosing your favourite core stability exercises and doing them at home, second daily for 20 minutes if this is all the time you have. But. The biggest but is this. Switching on your core with everything you do 24/7 gives you a stronger core. No point in doing the core exercises and not putting functional bracing to use.