Welcome to our blog and while the year is new our principles never change. Switch on your core muscles, yes right now and especially while you sit. Functional core stability and practical postural control is the essence of our classes. The more you switch them on the stronger they get.

My commitment to myself is to keep striving for the fitness of my dreams, to really feel good in my skin. We want that for you too. Of course that takes commitment, hard work and sacrifice but hey…..what comes easily can’t be valued. It sure is worth it when you get there.

New mums, take one day at a time, babies develop on a daily basis and sooner than you think you will have that good night’s sleep. Babies can never have too much sleep, so watch carefully and respond to baby’s sleep signs. Nap when they do, nap as often as you can.  Restoring your core muscles, and yes of course your pelvic floor, comes in its own time. The more you exercise your tummy, back and pelvic floor the sooner they return to normal but your priority is your baby right now. Exercise when you can, eat the best healthy food and don’t beat yourself up about a bit of baby weight – your modelling career can be put on hold!!!!!

Pregnancy is that unique time in your life so don’t wish away the time. Learn to adapt to you new life ahead. Yes right now you are in such a special time of your life, years later you will think back and wonder if you really appreciated this. Be sure to tune in to those changes your body is undergoing and adapt with each week of your pregnancy. Slow down if your body is telling you to, rest if you need to, do what you want when you want cause soon all that will all change. And when you have done all that, together we will take care of your core muscles, your poor aching back and of course we have NOT forgotten that pelvic floor.

Fitseniors you deserve to spend more time on YOU, on your body. You have “done your time” and right now is all about you for a change. Yes we most certainly can and will “turn back your clock”. Ditch all that housework, unroll your exercise mat (or carpet) and once again feel those deliciously soothing stretches and wake up those recalcitrant antigravity muscles, those core muscles who think they are still on holiday!!