Flexibility and strength for the over 50s

Attitude to aging is key. “How proud am I of my fit Fitseniors. My motto for the Fitseniors class is, yes, we can turn back the clock”. Fitness potential can be called our PB -personal best, but you need to work at your own pace, never exercising in the presence of pain. Inspired by each other, many of the Fitseniors class have been attending for over 10 years and all attest to the fact they are stronger and more flexible, for some more so than they have ever been. The pelvic floor needs 24/7 attention, many need to learn how to do an effective contraction, to learn where are these muscles and then how to integrate core support into daily life.
“I have my own aches and pains and I am learning how exercise is supportive, is soothing and how I can reach my own fitness PB, while living my life to the fullest.”
Falls Prevention is an integral part of the Fitseniors Program where the first 30 minutes are dedicated to specific “Falls prevention” exercises. Improving your balance is possible in the aging adult and will happen through daily practice.

Aims of the fitseniors exercise class

Previous experience with exercise

Those who have never attended an exercise class will find the personal attention of the fitseniors exercise session a safe and manageable exercise experience.

“I am a golfer and have had one hip replaced and was expecting to have the second hip replaced as well. After attending Jane’s exercise classes I find I am getting less pain in my other hip and hope to be able to put off having the second one replaced.”
Pat 58 yrs