What do I wear?

Comfortable stretch gear, no shoes required, small towel optional to go over mat.

Who are the Physiotherapists?

Classes are conducted by physiotherapists with over 20 years experience running classes. They all have extensive experience working with pre and post natal women in Sydney’s leading obstetric hospitals. Having a close working relationship with the midwives and doctors and having provided physiotherapy services in women’s health, both in private practice and in the public health system for over 25 years, we are proudly contracted to provide exercise classes for The Royal Hospital for Women, supported by Sydney’s leading obstetricians.

Can I have a private physiotherapy session?

Yes this is possible, but bear in mind the classes are not only an exercise session, but are loaded with so much information that most do not need one. However if you feel you wish to see one of the physiotherapists for a one hour session on your own. Contact Jane for private physiotherapy sessions.

Are there any Health Fund Rebates?

Rebates are applicable with some funds. Contact your fund for the most recent rebate information. My provider number is 696495F.

Do I need to book?

Bookings as such, are not needed. Our flexibility caters to your special needs, as life is fairly unpredictable not only in pregnancy, as well after the baby is born and also for those with busy work schedules. All of our classes have an open-house drop-in policy. First timers may want to call to chat to Jane to check for any timetable change or to discuss anything especially that of a medical nature.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

No, but it is always good to mention to your doctor you are attending classes that are run by experienced physiotherapists. They may wish to liaise or send medical information.

Do you run cardiovascular style exercise classes?

No. The one hour class is needed for the strengthening, toning and flexibility work -a blend of yoga, Pilates and classic physiotherapy.

Special needs of pregnancy and new mums demand careful instruction and slow, steady strength and stretch is an appropriate exercise form.

Special needs of Fitseniors demand increased body awareness as you condition muscles and protect joints.
With this in mind, you are prepared with the strength needed for a cardio program of your own choice – eg walking, swimming, dancing, bike riding.

Does it matter if I am not very fit?

No, not really. However, if you are feeling unfit, today is a good day to start to make some changes. Strength and resilience is required not only in pregnancy as your tummy grows but most importantly for new motherhood and as well for grandmothers or Fitseniors. Being fit makes all the difference to how we use our bodies, not only in class but in the way we live our lives. Fitness is a complex combination of strength, flexibility, reliable balance and self awareness. We need to nurture this to be able to use it as a life skill in terms of how to preserve joints and muscles 247.

Does preventative health feature as part of your program?

Absolutely yes. Strong muscles, flexible joints, good balance and an awareness of self during any movement is the essence of a finely tuned function body. This is especially important while exercising, Most of us need to learn these skills and needless to say, essential with the dramatic change our bodies go through in the childbearing year. Then with the growth of a young family we need to adapt again, to keep strong, to meet the physical load. Grandparents need this even more in order to age gracefully.