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Exercise with Jane

Pioneer of Women’ Health Exercise programs Yes, proudly one of the original “Women’s Health” physiotherapists initiating Women’s Health Programs in Sydney. “Yes the pelvic floor needs attention at all ages”, as another of these pioneers Pauline Ciarelli attests. And prouder still, Jane welcomes back her third generation families. Babies who first attended in their mother’s womb, becoming mothers themselves, returning for exercise in their own pregnancy or for the Mother and Baby Exercise Class. Their grannies now her Fitseniors. From the moment she knew she was pregnant with daughters Rachel and Talia, Jane has been passionate about exercise and women’s health.” Women seek more qualified and knowledgeable guidance when it comes to exercise. They also seek experience”. So enriched by years of experience, Jane teaches women of all ages how to reach optimal physical strength and flexibility, passing on her knowledge and instilling confidence in “how to” exercise at every stage of life. Her secret weapon is personal attention. Each and every class member is observed and corrected with every exercise, supported to reach peak physical potential under her watchful eye.

Pregnancy Exercise

  • Fitness Centre, Physiotherapy Dept. Royal Hospital, Barker Street, Randwick, Sydney
  • Private one to one sessions only available. 90 minute exercise and self help techniques for pelvic discomfort.

Jane’s wealth of knowledge from decades of experience in running Pregnancy Exercise Classes is passed on in class.


  • What effect pregnancy has on the muscular skeletal system,
  • Which exercise to avoid,
  • How ato strengthen the muscular skeletal system in an ever growing, ever changing body
  • How to support and ease discomfort from the natural softening preparation of the joints of the pelvis.
  • Specific movements for first stage labour – active birth needs a level of endurance, flexibility and strength
  • The ability to exercise right up till 40 weeks, to prime your body for those early few weeks when there is little time for exercise.

Mother & Baby

  • Fitness Centre, Physiotherapy Dept. Royal Hospital, Barker Street, Randwick, Sydney
  • Randwick Wed, Fri: 11.00-12.15pm
  • $30.00 per casual attendance $280.00 for ten sessions pre paid (Sessions can be used at random to suit your needs)

The first few weeks following birth is a steep learning curve where you probably have little time to exercise. However this varies from new mum to new mum and the spectrum is very wide. Some women return to class from the first few days after birth and then there are those who can only get back once their babies are 6 months old. You will know when you are ready so please join our class when ever this time comes.

Aims of the Mother & Baby class

  • Reverse abdominal separation through safe exercise
  • Restore pelvic floor control and strength and for some awareness of how these muscles are inextricably linked to the core.
  • Restore normal flexibility of the spine that is often stiffened from pregnancy or prolonged feeding postures.
  • Restore the rhythm of safe bending and lifting with core muscles contribution.
  • Safe bending needs strong legs.
  • Implement back care strategies, soothing pelvic pain or discomfort.
  • Restore former muscle tone to whole frame before commencing any aerobic exercise.

Fit Seniors

  • Fitness Centre, Physiotherapy Dept. Level 0,
Royal Hospital, Barker Street, Randwick, Sydney
  • All classes 1.5 hours Mon, Wed, Fri: 9.00-10.30am
  • $14 per casual attendance $130 for ten sessions pre paid (Sessions can be used at random to suit your needs)

Attitude to aging is key. “How proud am I of my fit Fitseniors. My motto for the Fitseniors class is, yes, we can turn back the clock”. Fitness potential can be called your PB -personal best.

Aims of the fitseniors exercise class

  • Working at your own pace and pushing your own boundaries to reach your PB
  • Implementing the vital support of the pelvic floor, and how it relates to core strength
  • never exercising in the presence of symptoms or pain.
  • Reversing stiffness
  • Building strength and power to create an ever improving PB
  • Deconstructing and improving the mechanisms of balance.

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