Welcome to 2013
Eternal vigilance
My new religion!
No not really.
Just sit tall, stand proud. Fight gravity every moment of your day.
Yes Good posture preserves our spines and requires eternal vigilance.
Right now, feel an energy surge as you sit long and tall , hold your posture and welcome to “2013 to turning back the clock”
Every second builds a stronger back, every stretch a more flexible one ………do it on the run……as you sit, as you walk, as you
live each moment of your life.
How do we do this
Core stability is where we start.
Welcome back to our core stability program and well done to those who find themselves stronger, more flexible
and in less discomfort from joint pain. For those in need of coaching, that’s what we do and why we run classes.
Yes we all can turn back the clock. Years of neglect – and that includes me, take their toll and I t is never too
late to make repairs. The human body has the greatest capacity for recovery.
Take stock, find your strengths, your weaknesses. If you don’t know how we will show you how.
Feel your body, be in the moment and appreciate the incredible gift of being human regardless of age or what
state it is in today. One step at a time, we can physically and mentally restore the body you were born to live in.
Our bodies, the greatest gift of all.