strong while we work

Wow how busy can a person get.

Yep that’s me.

But here we are nearly a third of the year over in 2014 and life is buzzing.

Have been using my core overtime in my garden and my garden is glorious but have to keep up the core work as my back aches at times…..from overdoing it..but am good at overdoing things. But the results in the garden show.

Interesting comments from class members who have slacked off with their exercises…not surprising and I too need to keep up the strengthening stuff. Amazing how quickly we lose muscle tone if we don’t use our bodies correctly, safely in day to day activity then fortified by home exercises or going to a class if that works for you.

Remember my belief…we don’t need an exercise class to keep strong and flexible. Just use the leverage your bones and joints provide, then turn on those muscles.

Have fun watching the “Gussy grips ” video