Elimination Communication

Toilet training has a new interest factor and that is it can be an environmental issue….not that we don’t all know this, but YES we can have our babies trained before they walk if we are passionate about reducing land fill.

Yes I know this brings up all those “parenting issues” and I love it that each child is unique, each mother “does it her way” but if the driving force is to save the environment and as well a significant amount of money outlaid in disposable nappies or the effort needed to wash cloth ones, then this is the way to go.

Google or Bing EC and there is loads out there to read.

Good luck and anecdotally…………….Rowena my class member reports how here mother brought up 8 children in rural china and all were “potty” ┬átrained before they could walk. This is standard in rural China. So it is possible where there is no option.