Ergogenic exercise

Ergogenic exercise.

Now that’s a sexy term. What the …. does this mean?

“Gizmos”  to spur  us on to exercise harder?  Compression garments?  Yep, we can wear them or NOT wear them. Professor Gordon Lynch was chatting about them and I found it kinda interesting.

For some, wearing them makes some of us feel better about ourbodies while exercising , inspiring us to work harder –  gaining increased benefit from exercise.

This is contentious because research does not back this up…yet. However you may well ask why all elite athletes, sportsmen are trending to wear them.

Perhaps not so relevant for recreational exercisers like you and me . However there are benefits. The most obvious is that they wick the perspiration away from the body so reducing chafing, especially there is a bit of “body fat”!!!  They may/do reduce muscle soreness after extreme exercising, they do seem to speed recovery from exercise and appear to prevent injury. This is of course un researched as yet but the anecdotal  evidence is there.

So the question is do us recreational exercisers wear them or not? There is the cost factor as they are not cheap.  However they do feel wonderful to exercise  in and if it “spurs you on” to exercises harder…so be it.