Mother and baby

0-12 weeks
Visual comforter
Babies respond to familiar visions – place a simple, dark coloured picture at spot where baby sleeps, within baby’s sight . They begin to focus to this image/picure looking for it when it is time to sleep.
fussy babies and distraction
often a radical distractor, eg clapping hands, soft music or change in position from back to tummy or vice versa can act as a circuit breaker when baby is fussy for no apparent reason. Tummy time for new borns needs to be under your supervision.
Tummy time lift
If baby dislikes tummy time, place small rolled up towel under baby’s tummy (closer to shoulders than pelvis). This lifts upper body helping head control.Begin for minutes at a time.
progress to walking needs milestones. First tummy time – head lift. Then hands and knees rocking – pelvic stability, then sitting – baby’s core control, then crawling, then standing. Often babies seem to want to walk before they sit. Missing out on sit control can delay walking progress.