Tai chi – such a complete form of exercise

So simple, so complex yet such a complete form of exercise.

The simple side will come, I hope, but most likely only after years of practice. But I think I see the light. At the moment, and a mere 3 years of nonstop practice, I feel I have just touched the surface of its complexity. The challenge is seductive, how much more is there to learn?

For me the choreography is the mental challenge, then perfecting one’s “form” – perFORMmance, comes next.

And no.! Tai chi is not for weaklings. We all prop up our Tai Chi practice with additional core and strength training.

The combination with Tai Chi is such a logical functional link to living life in safety, introducing some sense to how we use our bodies, how we move, how we posture our spines. And then there’s that unexpectedly, delightful bonus. It feels, (to me that is ) a little like you are “dancing ” through the movements.

Better still, practice Tai Chi in groups.