Core crunching is soothing for back pain

Core crunching means squeezing your tummy ( make your waistline smaller) back and pelvic floor muscles  symultaneously. Yes while your rest in bed right now.

Start with imperceptible movements, just squeezing gently  – do this repeatedly – ten squeezes or so, till you feel some sense of relief.

We keep our core muscles in tip top condition for two reasons. One to prevent problems in the first place, then to fix any problems ( pain ) should it occur.

Pain is our red light – the indicator for caution. But it does not mean zero movement.

The correct movements , however miniscule, produces results even if they need to be repeated  second hourly at first.  The most innocuous exercise is to choose swimming  ( if you can get into a pool ), or to go for a gentle walk, increasing your walking as pain eases. If swimming is out of the question warm baths/shower and gentle movement in the bath/shower is your other option.

The best exercise for core strength – wait for it……is core activity 24/7

Yes a disappointing answer, but what is the point of vigorous class work if it is not integrated into your real world.

By the way resting in bed is appropriate in the acute phases, but not for long, not all day.

Are your core muscles “on” now??